Welcome to Capstone Artists, Inc.

Capstone Artists, Inc. is a full-service artist management and development company based in Nashville, TN.  We provide our clients with forward-thinking leadership and guidance in today's fast changing music landscape.  

We believe long-term success is only achieved by creating balanced and long-lasting relationships between our client and the numerous entities required to build a winning team.  Which include -
  • Record Label
  • Publisher
  • Booking Agency
  • Publicity
  • Radio
  • Legal Representation
  • Business Management
  • Investors
  • Graphic Design/Merchandise
  • Photographers/Stylists
  • Transportation
  • Sound/Lighting/Production
  • Corporate Partners
  • Charitable Partners
We believe the single most important relationship our client must maintain, build, and treat respectfully is with their fans.  We build this relationship with our emphasis on live touring, media training, and promoting strong partnerships with radio.  

For more information please email us at info@capstoneartists.com or call (615) 686-8344.
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